carola bravo

Carola Bravo is known for her immersive site-specific installations, urban interventions and intimate studio artworks that address space, changing territories and their geometry. Her video is a representation of a moment in a space that might sometimes coincide with reality itself. As Janet Batet, curator and critic of El Nuevo Herald describes: “The artist's silhouette projected in real time, as she draws on a wall, creates an interesting contrast between reality and representation, presence and absence, expectations and disillusion."

Bravo is a Venezuelan born artist living in Miami. She has a Ph.D in Architecture and a Master in Art Theory. She was a Professor at the Design, Architecture and Art Department at Simón Bolívar University where she was Head of the Art Section. Bravo has been the recipient of numerous awards including one at the Florence Biennale. Her work has been exhibited at major museums, institutions and galleries including Aluna Art Foundation in Miami, Biennale del Sur in Panama, Wang Fu Gallery in Beijing, Shanghai Art Fair, and Pinta Art Fair in New York.